Panasonic G80/85 The Perfect Camera for musicians.

A couple of weeks ago I made a video talking about my new camera the Panasonic G80. The video basically talks through why I chose the camera, what I got for my budget and why I bought what I did instead of a more expensive camera like a Sony A7 or the GH5.

This is my opinion, as someone who isn’t and expert on cameras and video work but has some knowledge and will be using the camera to make content about what they love. I thought it might help people in a similar position to me who might be tempted to overspend on a camera rather than spread their budget to maximise its effectiveness to get everything they need to start making great videos as the camera is only part of the equation.

It basically came down to me needing/wanting other things to go with the camera to help me make the best videos I can right now as well as in the future.  This camera delivers such great picture quality that I didn’t feel I was compromising on quality to give me more money for things like lights etc.


Watch the video for all the details and breakdown of my budget and what I ended up buying.

The little Manfroto Desk Tripod has become one of the must useful things I got with the camera.

One thing I forgot to mention in the video was, the camera isn’t to bulky and heavy so its easy to transport with everything I need to make videos on the go in a small convenient Manfroto back pack.

Here’s links some links to the equipment mentioned in the video.

Panasonic G80 –

Olympus Lens –

Rhode Stereo Pro Mic –

Manfroto desk tripod –

Lexar 128GB Card –



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