Broken Wrist

So I broke my wrist.

As you can imagine, as a guitarist this is less than ideal. I am writing this after the cast has come off and I have started physio. I was in plaster for about 8 weeks, not playing guitar and not being able to work was torture.

It made me realise how much I take playing guitar for granted and was an experience that reaffirmed my love for the instrument, which I guess is a silver lining.

Slowly working my way back into my old routine was originally quite disheartening, but after doing some exercises and very small amount of practice to build up again it was surprising how quickly a large chunk of my playing came back. I’m still not back to 100% and I’m sure it will be another month or so before I am close to that.

Originally I was told I was looking at an 8-12 months before I was able to play again as surgery was likely, as someone who is a professional musician that was not an option. This news brought up some very difficult questions I would potentially have to deal with, mainly, what am I going to do ? Initially I thought this could be a career altering injury.

After seeing a specialist I was given a much better prognosis and I would be looking at just plaster and about 6-7 weeks in a cast and physiotherapy.

So far I seem to be recovering well, and it doesn’t appear to being affecting my playing negatively anymore than just the fact I have to rehab properly with physio, which will be a process that takes time.

This experience has taught me how important it is to take care of yourself as a musician something as simple as tripping over can potentially have dire consequences and when it comes to something like this seeking proper treatment and care is so important. As well as how good Persona 5 is on PS4 (I had a lot of free time).

If you find yourself in a situation like this, seek the right help as quickly as possible because it can make all the difference both mentally and physically.

I will be writing a post in the future outlining exercises both on, and off the guitar, hopefully you will find them helpful if you are a musician who has injured the wrist in someway.




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