Welcome to Guitarworks

Welcome to my blog, Guitarworks. Here you will find all things guitar, anything from lessons, unbiased gear reviews, gear maintenance and general guitar goodness. I will also be talking about my experiences in the music industry as a professional musician as well as how you can make the most of your opportunities.  Another topic I will be posting about from time to time is mental health and musicians. This is something that is important too me and I don’t feel it’s talked about enough, specifically in musicians. I know a large number of pro’s all of varying age and success levels that have suffered from or suffer from mental health issues, hopefully on the odd occasion that I do post about that it will help someone.

So thats pretty much what this is all about, now a bit about me.

My name is Alex Coombes and I love gear! I have way too much. I am a professional guitar player from the UK. I play guitar in the jazz fusion trio Bigger Than Home, progressive metal outfit Enko and release my own music. I have also done studio and live sessions and have shared the stage with 80’s pop legends Go West. I have overseen every aspect of several releases right from the writing and recording all the way through the production to the actual release and marketing of it.

If you have made it this far I commend you, it’s all a bit dry but I just want to give you guys an idea on of what we are going to be looking at on this blog and hopefully I can create interesting content for you guys.

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